Hi, so like I got really bored, and I wrote this. It’s a little fusion of metal and salsa. Any thoughts?

I rewrote the song, and I fell asleep last night trying to finish it. 

Hey! This is a song I started writing yesterday, and I just got too excited not to share it! Tell me what you think so far! You’re also allowed to listen to any other of my music here on Soundcloud! Thanks, any sort of criticism is warmly welcomed!

so medul

so medul

Well, the title basically describes it. Please, give it a listen and give me all sorts of criticism! Thank you, and enjoy!

So here it is, a new updated, better version of this song. Please listen, and give me your feedback! Any criticism is welcomed, help me become a better musician!

Something I literally wrote just 2 hours ago. This is the first time I try writing anything with melodies, and stuffs. Listen please!

Okay, so if you live in the NJ/NY tri-state area and you play drums please contact me! I’m looking for drummer! you can listen to some of our music here! We’ll meet up, and get some stuff going! 

Also, please signal boost this! Thanks.


Hey guys, please listen, okay thanks.

Please, listen and give me any constructive criticism you’d like! I want my music to be better, and to be heard! Thanks!

I wanted to talk about something that’s been bothering for a while. Something I’ve come to realize is extremely childish and stupid of anyone to do. This my friends, is within the metal community itself. As we all know, metal is one of the most underground genres there are, with some really underrated talented artists. One thing that’s been bothering me a lot, is how stereotypical and hateful people are against each other based on the type of metal that listens to. Mostly separating this between those who listen to metalcore and such to those who don’t. Okay, so the argument is this. Why do you instantly have to dislike someone who listens to a metalcore band? Does that mean you won’t like the person? Everyone talks about how stereotypes are terrible things, and that we shouldn’t hate, but there’s hate all the fucking time. Just because someone listen to Asking Alexandria doesn’t make them a complete douchebag. I’ve met a bunch of Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Death and other fans who are complete fucking assholes. So, it’s more about the person not the band. So, you don’t like metalcore that’s completely fine! Doesn’t mean you won’t like the person! Do you understand? Or do I have to break it up any further?

TL;DR: Stop being a fucking douchebag because you don’t like a band, and treat someone like shit because you don’t like the band they listen to. It’s fucked up and it makes a total shit ball.

Hey guys, please listen, okay thanks.

Finished version of Attacking Those Who Govern!

This is the first song I’ve ever written with a solo. It’s pretty crappy, and I wrote it all from ear so, go easy on me.

Hey look, its another one of my songs! Enjoy! Any constructive criticism is welcome! Thanks!