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One of my favorite albums!

ArtistMunicipal Waste
TitleMountain Wizard
AlbumWaste 'em All

Well, the title basically describes it. Please, give it a listen and give me all sorts of criticism! Thank you, and enjoy!

holy shit holy shit

i just came up with like some sick ass thrashy riff on drop c

drop c thrash should be a thing

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Mandatory Suicide - Slayer

I can honestly say, this is one of my favorite Slayer songs.

TitleMandatory Suicide
AlbumSouth of Heaven
Album Art

Set To Destruct - Municipal Waste

ArtistMunicipal Waste
TitleSet To Destruct
AlbumHazardous Mutation

Accidentally uploaded wrong file.

Dishonored, full track, fully mastered. Feedback appreciated! 

Everything written by me, bass, guitar and drums! Enjoy!


New Song update:

Finished this song! Now just gotta master it, upload finish product later tonight.

Any feedback greatly appreciated, enjoy.

Working on this song right now, have a little demo.

Hope you like! Not titled yet. I spent all day long yesterday listening to Enter The Grave, and then I started listening to Dethklok, and well, this happened.

Feedback greatly appreciated!

Five Magics - Megadeth

Act of War - Lich King

Bloodline - Slayer

Devil’s Island - Megadeth

4000 Torches - 3 Inches Of Blood

In Dreams Of Terror - Evile


Korotory, Lich King and Sonic Pulse are sooooooooo good.